Stop Saying These 3 Words

80's outfitBoomers (and plenty others for that matter) love telling stories of when they were the tennis champion, 30 pounds less, exercised 8 days a week, had blemish free legs, pranced around in a bikini, and had blasting energy of the energizer bunny.

Revisiting that time in the past brings a lot of joy, many laughs, and a few sighs.

All of those memories made you feel good, because you were good.

Did you recognize just how good you were then?

Chances are you didn’t. You were too busy striving for more, greater, or better.

And today you’re good in another way.

Well, how about great in another way?

Perhaps a completely different way than you were, say, 25 years ago. The benefits of maturity can hugely benefit your lifestyle right now.

Your past fitness accomplishments that came so easily don’t serve you anymore. 

How can they?

Stop the desire to ‘get back on track’. Throw it away. You’re on a different track than you were many years ago. That train has left the station. That track is overgrown with grass. It doesn’t exist.

So why are you trying to get back on it? (this is where I flash my Bad Cop badge)

When I listen to people say “I use to”  I put my hand up and say “Wait a minute”! That was before children, grandchildren, arthritis, the knee replacement, 20 lb gain, rotator cuff tear, the fall on the ice, a slowed down lifestyle, retirement, degenerative disc disease, and regular Botox.

That was then and this is now, 2014.

Alas, here’s some encouraging news:

Use your past as a guide, not as a return trip.

It’s simple.

It’s true.

And it can be a powerful catalyst in moving forward in fitness and in health.

There’s no going back to 1982 (thank doG). Your weight may never be what it was then. Your physique may be far from sculpted.

Can you be okay with that basic truth?

Recognized that truth then. Invite a new freedom into your life. That new freedom has a huge capacity to grow but it gets stymied if you’re so caught up in the past.

Carve out a whole new plan based on what you’ve got today. Move forward.

Be guided by the principles that gave you success in previous years.

And, stop making excuses!

Do what you say and do your best. You can’t argue with that (but I’ll bet you’ll try).

What really matters now?

Your well being?

Your health?

Longevity and successfully aging?

Much different that ’82.

Use your mature sense of well being to create new life habits.

Form a solid fitness foundation based on what your life holds now. NOW is great and it’s the only place to be! Consider your fitness/wellness/activity path today in terms of your functionality.

That means how you move about on a day-to-day basis. 

Remember, memories of your 1982 aerobics dance class aren’t going to serve you here.

Leg warmers and headbands were cool indeed. The full Fonda was fun and you looked maavalous, but for this trip consider your functionality. Let that be what leads the way forward.

The way forward isn’t in regretful reminiscence. How you move in life, through life, with life in a full expression of your capacity can enrich your experience from here on out.

Onward and Upward!



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