It’s Not Too Late For Boomers To Get In Shape

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The Problem With Eating Well…

…can be solved by growing a garden. Okay, let me back up a bit. Christmas morning  I began to read Michael Pollan’s  “In Defense of Food”. Two days later I finished it. Pollan has quite the flavor and brilliance for connecting the dots between the Western diet and its consequences.  The latter part of the […]

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Get a Head Start

It’s easy to get blinded by the Christmas lights, cooking frenzy, cash registers, and holiday parties. You see it coming, don’t you?  Before you know it, you’ll be assessing the New Year and what you are going to resolve. Undoubtedly, there’s a large chance that you’ll be among the 2 million people embarking on the […]

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Bat Brains and iPods

Tune In or Tune Out? Even if you are completely freaked by the mention of bats, they are some pretty cool creatures. Recently, the Georgetown University Medical Center reported their findings in a neuroscience study of bats and their social communication. Bats process sound through echolocation, they call out and then listen to that sound […]

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She Hates Exercise.

Recently, I had the privilege of working with someone new to the studio. It was about the 10th time Suzanne had been in for a session and she still hated exercise. I mean hates it. I like to follow up the first couple of sessions with anyone new and ask how they are doing and […]

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Experience. Experiment. Engage.

Here’s an idea to explore the 3 E’s. Experience: once a month experience something new. Yes, brand new. Sure stepping outside your comfort zone qualifies but doesn’t have to be so extreme. Could be a new restaurant, those online French lessons you’ve been thinking about, or even a new morning walking route. Experiment: once a week experiment […]

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The Field Exists

Talk about movement. This is powerful technology and well worth a watch.

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