Care Now Part 2 of 5

Here’s the second part of five in our Care Now series. This week we’ll be visiting one of the most obvious systems associated with exercise, your muscular system. It’s through our muscular system that we move about in the world to do our job, clean the house, tend to the garden, play with the grandkids, […]

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Default Fitness Is Dead

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The New Fitness

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Behind The Scenes

Here’s just some fun to share in a behind the scenes capture when USA Today visited our studio for the photo shoot . It’s me and my Flip camera capturing some very, very amateur video compared to the piece the professionals did :-D.

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Care Now Part 1 of 5

Chances are that you know more about your 3G network than the network that runs your circulation, digestion or even your skeletal system. Sad, but true. These days you can’t afford to be sedentary anymore. Doing nothing strengthens only one thing. Your ability to remain stuck. The further away from health you get, the easier […]

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Agree To These 4 For Success

 Personally, I am so tired of hearing  fitness trainers blah-blah-blah’ing the same message over and over: Write a clear plan of what you want to achieve. Commit to it. Change your attitude about exercise. Make exercise a priority. Push yourself. Think positive. Stare at an old picture of yourself and try to go back […]

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