Get Out of Your Head

I don’t multi task simply because I can’t. However, I do drive myself crazy with 75 ideas at once. Ideas are great but they won’t serve you if you never execute. Get out of your head and do just one thing. Then the next. And next. One thing. Do it. Here’s a short video of […]

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Fix My Posture!

Computer postures are the worst. No product can fix your repetitive syndrome injuries, you know that, but they sure can help with small modest improvements. There are as many ergonomic accessories out there as there are companies touting them. You spend a lot of time at your computer mostly sitting with less than great posture. Using your laptop is […]

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Power Down, Lace Up and Get Out

You one of those folks that need optimal weather to be outside doing anything? News is, it’s here. Swing into Spring. It’s mentally invigorating. Turns out the findings from 833 adults were published in the research journal, Environmental Science and Technology on February 4th 2011.   energy positive engagement feelings of revitalization anger depression tension and […]

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Don’t Listen To The Teacher

Last night an old friend of mine stopped my Pilates studio on her way home from work. I had a free hour in between clients so it was a welcomed surprise. What wasn’t so pleasant was the awful story she told about her yoga class from the night before. Apparently, she had issues with this […]

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Moving Forward

I remember the day a few months ago that I decided to express an authentic inquiry to a rather challenging client. The simple inquiry was this: Can you ‘be’ in the exercise, or movement, rather than just ‘doing it’? Being vs. doing. Her immediate response was “if you make me go there, I’m going to […]

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Do One Thing

I was surprised to see my colleague, Paul, early for our monthly mastermind meeting at the local coffee house. Since Paul’s fitness business serves folks at their home he often runs a bit late darting to meet us from across town. This time though he had been gifted an extra 90 minutes. Paul planned to […]

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I Hate Exercise!

Self motivation is tough. You haven’t found that one thing that gets you excited.Your workout buddy isn’t dependable. Your music is so-so.  Those DVD’s are so repetitive.You get bored easily. Some of your friends tell you: just find a reason to do it  or… find something you love or… push yourself to go to the […]

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Outstanding Posture NOW!

Last week I joined my friend and hair stylist for a bite to eat at the local pub.  She immediately noticed the bartender’s outdated hairstyle and said “Wow, I wonder who cuts her hair? She has such a beautiful face and wonderful jaw line, but the cut is not serving her all”. Donna was being […]

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Gangbusters in the Garden

Boomers and gardening, they go well together. Too well sometimes. Every year it’s a similar scene: you’re going to get it all done. Today. Well, maybe this weekend. You’ve got fantastic visions of transforming the yard, the beds, and the new transplants in addition to seeding, weeding and watering. How many times have you overdone it […]

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Resist Not

Linked to lifestyle factors, especially diet and exercise, Type 2 diabetes is taking over the planet. By 2020, it’s estimated that over half of the population in the U.S. will have diabetes or pre-diabetes. So far, we’ve got 27 million affected. You one of them? If so, what are you doing about it? The fact […]

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