The Royal Moves

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Running Into Trouble

Why do you want to ditch walking to run? Are you looking to: =>Get the ‘runner’s high’ =>To shed pounds =>Burn calories =>Compete =>Challenge yourself =>Surprise your kids/grandkids   Okay, wanna run? Consider some facts first.   The chance of injury is greater than many other aerobic exercises. Your lower joints are loaded with 4 […]

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20 Moves In 20 Minutes

  Here’s what you need to do to get started now: 1. Download the PDF below. Familiarize yourself with the names of the moves. 2. You’ll need these: a) pair of 5 lbs. b) your resistance bands c)a chair, sofa, bench, or steps = something with height off the ground => Don’t have bands? No […]

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Join The Movement

  It all starts here. Stand up. Be counted. Yes, we need the moxie to make it happen to create real, supportive communities that have the power to affect real, vital change — and that make living healthy easier and more rewarding for everyone! Yes, I believe that being healthy is a revolutionary act.   […]

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The Core Is More Than You Think

It’s a hard to teach someone how to hold onto themselves. I’m not talking about giving yourself a hug, although surely we could all use that daily. Holding onto yourself is core stability. Or is it core strength? Both? Before you move next time try this. Stop, look, and listen to your body, your mind, […]

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Leave the Shoe, Get Unstuck

What’s the first thing you’d do if you were stuck in mud? Okay, let’s qualify. What’s stuck- your car or your person? Let’s first say your car. Easy. You’d call a tow truck. Okay, now your person. Your choices are a few. Either you have someone help you out with a rope or with their […]

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Strike A Pose

My job is to help people move better in their bodies. Part of that is working with their everyday posture. I say everyday because posture is not something that you spruce up because someone tells you to ‘sit up straight’ or ‘stop hunching over’. Posture is how you show up in the world and there […]

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Don’t Be a Slouch

Stuck at the computer, or in a car or sitting for a long time? Pump up your posture be stepping away and stretching. Get up, do some dynamic movement with these 3 pieces that are sure to get your feeling invigorated!

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One Secret To Better Push Ups

  Why is it that boomer women want to do push ups but can hardly complete 2 good ones? Okay, maybe you’re one of the few that can knock off 7 – you go girl. But why do push ups anyway? First, let’s look at 5 challenges women over 50 face when dreaming about pushups. […]

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Add Strength Now

Guess what? Getting older doesn’t mean you sacrifice strength. It doesn’t need to be a battle either. You can get older and get stronger at the same time. Many of the new research studies boil down to one question: How can I apply this to my life NOW? The consequences may sound like this: If […]

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