Ginger, The Superstar

Although Gilligan thinks he’s the pope of chili town, it’s Ginger who balances everyone. Ginger calms and invigorates. Maybe not Ginger Grant, but the plant… rather, the herb, ginger. A natural spice, you can use in teas, smoothies, recipes, even a hot bath of ginger slices. Here are just 7 health benefits of ginger from […]

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May is National Correct Posture Month

Grab your spouse, kids, grandkids, heck, even your manicurist and tell them to get their darn shoulders out of their ears! Does that mean that every other month we can slouch, slump, sag, stoop, sink, swerve, and be a sofa spud? Of course not, but at least take a look at sharpening your posture skills […]

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The Pain Free Guru

Since May is National Correct Posture Month here is a great share. The Pain-Free Guress is Martha Peterson of Essential Somatics. Learn to release the pain in your upper back immediately, and long-lasting – if you remember to move yourself once in a while. Hanna Somatics is very user friendly. It was meant to be […]

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Find The Way To Fit It In

  Last week lots of folks found ways to Fit It In. “20 moves in 20 Minutes” is working. It’s easy to learn, simple to integrate, and before you know it, you’re finished. That alone has to feel good. We’ve tweaked and simplified even more. Here are 3 ways to learn it: Download the revised […]

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