Suck It Up and Save Yourself Now

Remember way back six months ago today you were pigging out on that ‘last’ pint of chunky monkey while you grabbed the remaining morsels of that holiday rum cake? Or were you admiring how good you looked for your new gym id card? For sure this year you are going to manage and master the […]

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How To Move Forward after July 4th

Here’s an idea to wrap your head around. This Friday, July 1st at around high noon is exactly half way through the year. It’ll be day 182.5. Don’t get lost, and don’t get sucked back into January 1, but look back for a brief moment. What did you set out to do for the sake […]

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The Root of All Evil: Sitting

Sitting: a popular position, root of all evil. It’s a killer on the hips, posture, low back, neck and even the back of your thighs. Everything seems to either tighten up after a while or you  just feel so stiff. You’re  stuck in a chair that forces you to sit…. uncomfortably… in a position that […]

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