Boomer: Save Yourself

Here is an unbelievably simple statement: Physical activity keeps your body toned.  A toned body can move better daily because it keeps a good flow of energy throughout the entire system. And, No, I’m not even talking a fit, sculpted body. More simple than that. A body that moves every which way but tight and […]

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Connect Your Core To The Chore

Exercise razz- ma-tazz gadgets and get ups pack nothing new. You’re sold on the ‘have to have it’ emotional buy. Eye catching and sensationally stimulating you don’t think past the present. Well, of course you do, you think it is… => the answer to your laziness. For the most part it’s just another variety of […]

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7 Minutes Ain’t Gonna Get You To Heaven

Last night I had a get together with one of my favorite young people. I’ve known Jake since he came out of the womb. His Mother and I have been friends for 35 years. Jake used to be a scrawny kid, with a rather lean frame and not much in the way of developed muscles. […]

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If Ya Like To Move It- Start Here!

The moves here are conceptually simple. We use these and the variations before every class in our studio. The variations will keep you engaged over time. Perform this set as a warm-up; as a stand-alone practice, or any time you feel the need for some stimulating movement. Do it outdoors when possible. Better your experience […]

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Stop Spinning Your Wheels by Answering This

Nothing matters if you are spinning your wheels fast going nowhere. You can have all the information, illumination, and ideas, but unless you answer these 2 questions you’re doomed. Where Am I Going? When Will I Get There? Yes, being as close to exact matters. It doesn’t make sense to be loose about your answers. […]

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Don’t Let Your Core Be The Biggest Loser

Trends in health and fitness come and go like nobody’s business.  1988 it’s the thigh master, 2010 it’s the shake weight.  Pilates, Spinning and Zumba tell us they are the best.  But wait! What about the Bosu, TRX, and Kettlebells? We jump in head first and hip high.  If your friends are doing it chances […]

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When You’re Ready To Get Moving, Go Here.

When the New York Times showcases a health and fitness article I like to skim the comments. No matter how brilliant, mind changing, eye opening or informational that article seems, it’s the comments from the readers that tell the real story. If you listen to the feedback, you hear the people. I’ve noticed that many […]

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How To Add Life to Your Years

102, could you imagine riding your bike? Not degrees, that would be horrific. 102 years old. So what, might have to put those training wheels back on just for safety’s sake. The point is you’re on the bike cause you want to be. That’s cool. Living longer sounds good- as long as you have health […]

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