Boomer: Actively Aging or Dormantly Dying?

Boomers are the fattest of any other generation. Sorry, obese. Okay, overweight. But it’s really fat. These aren’t my words. They are from the latest AP- LifeGoesStrong Poll in June, 2011. Boomers are saying they do some sort of cardio work once a week, but that’s not cutting it. Why should it? That’s like increasing […]

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Here’s a NEAT Way To Feel Better

So, it turns out that there is tons of documentation on NEAT ways to rack up some serious caloric burn on all sorts of movement.   The NEAT way must include Non Exercise Activity that is Thermogenic. That 4 word phrase means 2 things:  1. Non Exercise activity is everything that isn’t sports related. 2. […]

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Break Free From Your Chair!

C’mon, even if you say you’re chained to your desk and that your workplace frowns upon anyone moving out of their seats except for a pee break, there comes a time to take 2 minutes to move! If your hips aren’t screaming at you from sitting too long, they’ve gotten used to being crushed in […]

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How To Create A Better Habit Today

Do you find yourself trading health for convenience? Like finding that close parking spot at the mall. Hopping on the escalator, rather than the steps. Or stopping at the end of your driveway to get the mail.  Here are 3 simple ways to add in daily movement that will add up over the next 3 […]

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