Help! Tech Neck Is a Big Pain

Cursed by Your iPhone? How to tell: You take more sick days cause you just don’t feel good. Your capacity to work at anything has diminished. You have to take frequent breaks because your shoulders, back and head are screaming at you. Your iPhone has become part of your identity. Head down Hunched shoulders Wildly […]

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Balance 101: Remove The Choices

Every single thing we do in life is about finding balance. If you’re over the top, you’re maniacal.  If you do nothing, you’re a sloth. In between all of that are 1,000 choices that could lead to having a good day. Everyday. You seek balance in every aspect of your life: work play vacation entertainment […]

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Are You Prepared To Stay In The Game?

Getting ready to workout is about loosening, warming, and opening up. So when I saw my Mother in the studio getting ready by doing 2 bad stretches, I had to yell “STOP“….why are you doing those? “Well, this is what I always do”, she said. “Why? Do you realize they are doing nothing to get […]

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