Why Massage Therapists Make My Job Tough

Massage therapists make my job really challenging. Some. Not all. I’m using this particular profession as the first I pick on. Chiropractors and physical therapists are next. Every one of these professionals does something to the person they’re treating.  You know what that is? It’s the doing.  They do to the person.  The person in […]

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Popular Stretches That Are Plain Bad Advice

Some stretches are just not right for the description. I kind of see their point. The description for stretching the shoulders is one thing, but the illustration is another. The illustration shows how to close your shoulder and make it tighter. Kinda stupid after they just advised to Roll Out the shoulder. Below is a […]

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Fractionize Your Exercise

How realistic is it to take 5-10 minutes every couple of hours out of your day to indulge in an energetic shift? It’s an energetic shift that can take you out of that fatigue-o-slumpo that you get when sitting too long. You know where your blood pools in your legs, your butt numbs, you’re leaning way far forward […]

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