Do This For An Easy Return On Your Investment

  Food shopping: everyone’s delight. I like to go food shopping between 5:30 – 6am on the weekdays. This way I can do my business, avoid crowds, and return ready for the day.  As you can imagine at that hour there aren’t a lot of shoppers.  It’s quite a delight for me. But this Sunday I decided to swing […]

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Tune Up Your Work-Out in 9 minutes with 125 moves.

Everyone loves that ‘after workout’ soreness. That harmless kind of discomfort you get when you’ve done something different, mixed up the tempo, changed the weight, or rocked your routine upside down.   It’s uncomfortable enough to remind you through simple daily tasks, like tying your shoes, that you earned that feeling.   It’s called DOMS.  Delayed […]

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Rise To The Task

How are your resolutions shaking out for you? We’re a full week into the new year and through one full weekend. You’ve probably got a good marker on what’s got your attention, where the weak points are and how you’re fairing. So if you’ve got a struggle can I give you one thing to hone […]

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Can You Train This?

The cold has arrived. That means ice will have perfect ground to create potential hazards. Here’s a conversation I had with a regular here at the studio last week. It’s a meaningful enough message to share so I’ll make it real quick.  Joanne had travelled over the holidays to be with family in Virginia. She […]

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