Walking Is the Simplest Exercise

When I hear folks say ” I want to start running” when they haven’t exercised in eons or “I don’t like to walk”, I ask “Why?” Some people look at walking like a ‘less than exercise’. They’d rather risk running on a body that holds 20+ pounds, or with a heart that is quite unconditioned […]

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Why Do Posture Exercises?

Here’s a quick follow up to last week’s video blog of 5 exercises you need to do to better your posture. It’s all about education. Brain education + sensory-motor awareness + body adaptability = outstanding posture!

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Hooray for this HIIT!

I’m quite persnickety on what I like to share as a sound fitness plan in the form of a video demonstration. What I like in particular about this video is simple: they offer 3 levels of working out to this high intensity workout. That means that both Boomers and chicky-chicks can do this and everyone […]

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Pick Up Your Posture 1-2-3

Don’t want someone bathing you & feeding you your pudding at age 80, start teaching your body good posture moves. The sooner, the better. Yes, that’s even any twenty somethings that happen to have stumbled onto this page. Data compiled from 804 people aged 65 & over clearly shows that good posture is key to […]

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There’s No Easy Way To Say This

Spring just jazzes everyone to go outside. It puts a little pep in the step of otherwise housebound hibernators. It’s fresh, scented, warm, and delightful. Belong to a gym? Consider getting out once in awhile. The gym really does nothing for your spirit.  It may even add some dullness. That kind of stuff sneaks under […]

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