Do You Mind?

How often do you pay attention to the way you sit? Today we’re rolling out the 4th underpinning of positive posture: mindful sitting and it’s going to bring a new perspective to the way you sit. No this isn’t about meditation & breathing. It’s about how you sit. Think about it like this. When you sit […]

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Hold On Baby!

The 3rd underpinning of positive posture comes in the form of an inquiry for you: How do you hold onto yourself? This is a big one. Maybe the biggest. Holding onto yourself is a true picture of your naked core. You say you want a strong core but perhaps you aren’t even sure of how […]

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Fix Your Posture: How Often Do You Do This?

Where your eyes go, everything else will follow. Your eyes should be guiding the world in front of you. Where are your eyes when you’re engaged in anything that is relevant to your posture? That’s the 2nd underpinning of positive posture. If they’re down, pick them up. This is especially helpful when you’re either walking, exercising or […]

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How Do You Show Up In the World?

The basics of good posture really don’t feel basic at all. Your posture is affected by everything you do in life whether it’s conscious or not. Example: negative/unfavorable situations can erode at the very foundation of simple self confidence. Erosion of that sort isn’t even felt until it’s been going on long enough. By that […]

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