Let Go of What You Don’t Need

Ever pay attention to the moon in terms of where it is in its cycle and what that means to you? What’s that got to do with movement you say? A lot. Let me explain. Our unfolding life is pretty much run by cycles: the seasons, the female cycle, our regenerating cells, day & night, perennials, […]

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Drum Up Your Natural Energy

 If there’s one month you can take advantage of with regards to something you’ve been stuck in or stumbling through, it’s June. Why? The energy of the year is at its height on June 21. And since we’re now in the full swing of Summer it’s a great time to drum up your natural energy. […]

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Don’t Just Stand There, Do Something About Your Posture

This guy is good. His message, his delivery, and intonation. His overall skills of teaching are beautiful. And I hardly say that about anyone. Here are some good posture exercises to do to improve the muscles that hold you up in the world. Take a look.  

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Let’s Wrap Up This Posture Party!

Next time you’re sitting for say over 40 minutes, take notice how the middle of you feels. I’m talking about your belly, your chest, and your back. And refrain from adjusting anything but take notice. I tap into this myself when I’m doing laptop work, like writing this post. I get what I’ve come to […]

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