Rock Your Ribs, You Rascal

    Look At The Monstrosity! Any Idea of Your Ribcage Capacity? And, chances are you’re not even using your ribcage to its 60% capacity. Yep, it’s true. And I purposefully did not diminish the size of that above image to illustrate a point.  Your ribcage is an incredible structure. Do you realize that seeing […]

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Hip, Hip, Horray?

Got happy hips?  Your hips, specifically where your thigh bones inserts into your pelvis, need your attention. Especially as you age. Wearing your hips down without giving them some lovin’ in the meantime could snag your plans for the future. Think about it. You ask your hips to be strong, flexible, loose, and supportive to carry […]

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Free Up Your Foot Funk

Your core starts at the floor. Did you know that? Since we’re fresh off the heels of the 4th of July we’ll continue that thread of freedom. Freeing tight spaces, joints, muscles, movements. July is about finding freedom in your fascia. ‘Fascia’, you say, ‘what’s that?’ It’s the connective tissue that binds you together and allows you to […]

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