What the Bleep Do You Really Know?

We go From Sweep, to Creep, now Bleep! Did you happen to see the 2004 movie called “What the Bleep Do We Know?“ It was part documentary, part mind stretcher. It challenged you to bend around the corner of your automatic perceptions. How you see the world habitually every day without pause. We move like that too. All […]

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Keep the Creep Away!

Last week we had the Sweep, this week it’s the Creep. We get a message inside our body when we’ve been sitting too long. It’s called the Posture Creep. What we do with that message is oh so key. Don’t let the Posture Creep weigh you down. It’s when you get tangled up in yourself. That […]

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Are You Open to Some Whacky Moves?

Last week some fellow on You Tube had a few comments on my YouTube channel. He was curious about a video I made some time ago where I showed movements to help with keeping your ribcage healthy in times of sickness. He told me that I was using ‘funny terminology ‘ and that he preferred to just call it […]

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Do You Have a Forward Fumble from a Heavy Head?

  Your head weighs 10-12 pounds. How’s that feelin’ for ya?? A 12 pound head that moves three inches forward forces your back neck muscles to support a 42 pound head against the incredible forces of gravity. Say what? That’s exactly what you’re seeing in that picture. Yep, it doesn’t look pretty cause it’s not. The strain […]

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