21 Ways To Move More Every Day


1. SQUATS at the kitchen counter when you are waiting for your coffee to brew.

2. After you’re finished breakfast reach UP do some side bends.

3. PARK your car at the back of the lot; avoid circling to get a close spot.

4. While you are waiting (for anything!) do some simple reaching TWISTS and turns.

5. CLIMB up the steps like a 2 year old or a lizard (whichever feels better!)

6. WALK to get your mail/paper rather than stopping your car in the driveway.

7. Squat down, and then REACH up with both hands to the ceiling to invigorate!

8. For every 50 min. of sitting, anywhere, GET UP and move for 3 min. nonstop.

9. Get your DOG, and go for the long walk once a week. You and he will love it!

10. Do counter PUSH UPS in your kitchen.

11. Get those GLIDERS that you move furniture, hold on to something, and lunge back.

12. Good old fashioned CALISTHENICS still work!

13. GO TO TOWN. Literally. Your town may be wonderful to walk about, thru, across & up!

14. PLAY with kids….let them teach you.

15. Do STEPS UPS on your staircase, your deck, or your curb.

16. If you walk, EXPLORE different terrains…the grass, the curbs, over some rocks.

17. Choose the STEPS over the escalator always.

18. Gardening, vacuuming, hands & knees housework, and hand washing your car all ROCK!

19. Stand at your kitchen counter and for 3 min. MOVE your limbs in a backward direction.

20. Just DANCE. Anywhere, anytime, anyway!

21. At the grocery store, avoid leaning on the cart. STAND TALL and push!

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