An Easy Physics Lesson

Being better at balancing is being better at movement. 

Read that line again.

Being better at balancing is being better at movement. 

Gee, does that even make sense? You’d think balancing is all about being able to be steady, still, perfect. You know like that test of standing on one foot.

No way, no how.

When you extract balance out of life and take it out of context, then yes, standing on one foot is a nice little test of balance. It’s a test. And it’s a little one. It’s not practical. It doesn’t have any practical application to life.

Living life isn’t about being still. It’s about moving around. Changing positions. Shifting. Ambulating. Reaching. Stepping up.

Why practice your balance skills by standing on one foot or something like walking a straight line?

Being better at balancing is being better at movement. 

There it is again.

When you get better at how you move, your balance will get better.

Sharpening the way you show up in the world, the way you interact, how you integrate your pieces & parts, the awareness of your body and the space around you – that’s what matters in having good balance. Practicing that stuff is where you can smarten up and feel more confident in your balance.

You see, you never have good balance. You don’t own balance.

Balance is something that’s always being evaluated as you move around in the world, no matter who you are and what you’re good at.

As we age that balance becomes something you have to work at more. Or at least be more conscious of it. One, because our reflexes change. So you have to be sharper sooner because your auto pilot may not be in full control.

Here’s a tip if you’re walking somewhere unfamiliar. 

=> Don’t put your hands in your pockets.

When you do that you’ve just removed them from helping you balance. You need your hands & arms to help you steady even if you’re not obviously using them.

Using your hands & arms spreads your mass out, away from your feet.

Spreading your mass out increases your moment of inertia

It opens up your availability to change direction and make a correction.

When you have your hands in your pockets it makes them unavailable. It ties you up. It robs you of the chance to not just save yourself but to build confidence in moving about the world.


When you move better, you can balance better. 

They go hand and hand.

So keep those hands outta your pockets.

Remember, simple wins.

You got this.

– Lisa


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