Becoming a Better Version of Yourself

iStock_000012014469Small.1 (1)One of the top three reasons why people don’t exercise is simply because they hate exerting themselves. Exertion to a hater is true hell. Especially when you ascribe exertion to a laborious effort. Ptwey!

I see this all the time in my movement studio. In the 15 years I’ve had my studio, there has been more than a fair share of folks who truly dislike exercise.

Maybe that’s you. So let’s take a step back.

The first thing I would posit is to shift the way you look at it, or even talk about it.

For starters, don’t even call it exercise.

I don’t. My education is in Exercise Physiology with a Full Certification in Pilates and yet I stay far, far away from the “E” word. It’s a dirty word to a lot of folks.

Exercise is something you do to your body. Don’t do. Find a way to be in your body. This is a whole different space. And one you might really enjoy.

Can you call it movement?

Movement allows for freedom. It can be playful, non-exertional, fun, fantastic, engaging, experimental, and wholly healthy to your beingness.

Exercise is to exertion as movement is to meaningful. Remember, motion is lotion. Lotion in your joints, and also as a liquid healer in your ribcage and spine, the very foundational structure from which you move and live life.

In his national bestseller, The Culture Code, Clotaire Rapaille offers us a way to understand our behaviors as human beings and the unconscious codes that drive them.

A most fascinating chapter reveals the code for health and wellness as movement. “Movement makes us feel healthy, it confirms we are alive”. Oh so true.

Imagine not being able to do what you want in life because you can’t take action.

You’re stuck. You can’t move because something has happened to you through trauma or an accident. A possible loss of movement can be so devastating. It makes a very drastic statement about your own health and well-being. It’s downright frightening.

I’m not trying to be an alarmist by any means. But think about it. We want to believe that if we live active and engaged lives, we are going to stay healthy. And you can.

Key words: active and engaged.

And what’s included in that active engagement? Mobility, agility, and resilience. All without using the word “exercise”!

Now you’re workin’ it. Can you feel it?

Becoming a better version of yourself is about enjoying life without heaviness and the burden of “have to”. It’s learning how to weave in a slow, sustainable build. A slow build like this will sneak under your radar in a good way. Over time it can become a good, solid habit.

This sort of build takes time. And it should if you want quality. It’s about making small, consistent shifts. I’ve opted to not use the word ‘change’. Change is even too big of a word here.

Let’s use ‘shift’ as a precursor to change. Change sometimes feels like force at the beginning. That could exhibit a rather effortful expenditure of energy and that’s unnecessary. Sometimes trying to force something feels like pushing. Or even shoving.

Consider the act of pulling. Here’s your shift.

Pulling has a precious power to it. When you pull, you have to connect yourself back to the ground. Pulling requires you to be grounded or you will fall.

Making these small, consistent shifts is a simple, sensible, and practical way to feel better about your personal progress. The pulling is akin to teasing it along. Slow and steady is a win-win. You win and you win. It’s not about forcing change and making headway. You’re not steering a big ship on rough seas. You’re in this for the long, productive, sustainable haul.

Becoming a better version of yourself can be about reflecting on what you decide to do for yourself and how you will see that it holds personal meaning. It’s called self-accountability and it can be a very powerful capability.

When you begin to see how you’ve acclimated to your new choices through these small, consistent shifts, it is very rewarding. You get to experience the fruits of your own solid efforts. This reward simply builds on itself in a very organic fashion. That is self-accountability and it is the cornerstone of a successful conversion.

Self-accountability is one of the best sustainable resources of authentic success and one that can help you have a clearer, more meaningful, and enjoyable journey.

You’re worth it.

Now get out there and go create a You 2.0.


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