Green Smoothie – My Way

“What’s in that?” It’s nothing crazy, nothing fancy. This is my personal preference for what I typically put in my smoothies. I decided to share this because a few clients in the studio were asking me “what’s in that?” It might look ‘nuclear’ but it’s really good. If you loathe the idea of it ‘tasting […]

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Shining a Light on a Bad Actor

Usually when we think of inflammation we relate it to swelling or pain. Even a sore throat feels inflamed. We typically know inflammation by its warmth, redness, or that change in dissension. Inflammation is our body’s normal response to injury or attack by germs. All of those symptoms we experience, the redness, warmth and swelling is our body’s response […]

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It’s a Wrap!

Easy, Quick, and Healthy.  How’s that for a recipe share? Wanted to pass along a recipe today of one of my favorite new ‘go-to’ meals. You see I get on this kick sometimes when something is good, and really good for you that I find myself having to wear it out before I’ll make a […]

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How To Add Life to Your Years

102, could you imagine riding your bike? Not degrees, that would be horrific. 102 years old. So what, might have to put those training wheels back on just for safety’s sake. The point is you’re on the bike cause you want to be. That’s cool. Living longer sounds good- as long as you have health […]

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Ginger, The Superstar

Although Gilligan thinks he’s the pope of chili town, it’s Ginger who balances everyone. Ginger calms and invigorates. Maybe not Ginger Grant, but the plant… rather, the herb, ginger. A natural spice, you can use in teas, smoothies, recipes, even a hot bath of ginger slices. Here are just 7 health benefits of ginger from […]

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The Problem With Eating Well…

…can be solved by growing a garden. Okay, let me back up a bit. Christmas morning  I began to read Michael Pollan’s  “In Defense of Food”. Two days later I finished it. Pollan has quite the flavor and brilliance for connecting the dots between the Western diet and its consequences.  The latter part of the […]

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