Practice Spotty Body Moves To Up Your Acuity

Trust your own balance? After the tender age of 40 changes in perception of how well you balance can shift dramatically. That doesn’t mean you have to accept it. And, I’m not saying to fight against it; rather, recognize the possibility of a shift. Balance feedback is reported to your brain by three systems: your eyes […]

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Who’s Helping You Get In Shape? (What Is That Shape Anyway?)

With the New Year here be well aware of who you choose to help you get to where you want to be in terms of ‘getting in shape’. Just off a pleasant 40 min. conversation with someone referred to the studio from a local physical therapist. I ask many follow up questions to dig deeper […]

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This Movement ALONE Will Save your Back Every Time

She’s fancy, she’s intense, and she’s pink. There she is, The Princie Diamond, the most valuable diamond ever sold at auction in the U.S. (Christie’s). She weighs almost 35 cts and sold for a tad over $39 million. The Princie is said to possess “all of the most desirable qualities today’s collectors seek in diamonds” thanks to […]

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The Right Way to Master Your Core

It’s time to turn it on. Without getting fancy kafuffling you with anatomical terms the straight up story is:  this one thing will give you better: balance strength stability. In anything. Every time. Your every move should be embedded with this one truth. Start turning it on in everything you do and begin to see a shift in your balance, your […]

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Keep the Creep Away!

Last week we had the Sweep, this week it’s the Creep. We get a message inside our body when we’ve been sitting too long. It’s called the Posture Creep. What we do with that message is oh so key. Don’t let the Posture Creep weigh you down. It’s when you get tangled up in yourself. That […]

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Are You Open to Some Whacky Moves?

Last week some fellow on You Tube had a few comments on my YouTube channel. He was curious about a video I made some time ago where I showed movements to help with keeping your ribcage healthy in times of sickness. He told me that I was using ‘funny terminology ‘ and that he preferred to just call it […]

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Rock Your Ribs, You Rascal

    Look At The Monstrosity! Any Idea of Your Ribcage Capacity? And, chances are you’re not even using your ribcage to its 60% capacity. Yep, it’s true. And I purposefully did not diminish the size of that above image to illustrate a point.  Your ribcage is an incredible structure. Do you realize that seeing […]

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Hip, Hip, Horray?

Got happy hips?  Your hips, specifically where your thigh bones inserts into your pelvis, need your attention. Especially as you age. Wearing your hips down without giving them some lovin’ in the meantime could snag your plans for the future. Think about it. You ask your hips to be strong, flexible, loose, and supportive to carry […]

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Free Up Your Foot Funk

Your core starts at the floor. Did you know that? Since we’re fresh off the heels of the 4th of July we’ll continue that thread of freedom. Freeing tight spaces, joints, muscles, movements. July is about finding freedom in your fascia. ‘Fascia’, you say, ‘what’s that?’ It’s the connective tissue that binds you together and allows you to […]

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Let Go of What You Don’t Need

Ever pay attention to the moon in terms of where it is in its cycle and what that means to you? What’s that got to do with movement you say? A lot. Let me explain. Our unfolding life is pretty much run by cycles: the seasons, the female cycle, our regenerating cells, day & night, perennials, […]

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