An Easy Physics Lesson

Being better at balancing is being better at movement.  Read that line again. Being better at balancing is being better at movement.  Gee, does that even make sense? You’d think balancing is all about being able to be steady, still, perfect. You know like that test of standing on one foot. No way, no how. […]

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Exercise Alone Won’t Do It

That there is the book I just finished. It was a fast, good read. Hit all the sweet spots of the space I float in every day ~ MOVEMENT. I recently saw an older interview where Dr. Mercola interviewed Dr. Vernikos on the research she did at NASA and that 45 minute discussion could have been summed up by this: Include […]

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Save Your A$$ With This One Move

  Everywhere I go I see this. I teach how not to do it in the studio. I get mad at my Mother when she does it. Two No-Nos to Picking Up Anything 101 A narrow foot stance clogs your core strength by choking your core stability. A rounded back is disaster central when bearing loads. 🙄 Let me explain that quickly. If you pick up things […]

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Want Better Balance? Do This.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving – Albert Einstein           There’s a funny thing about balance I often wonder if people “get”. It’s really the guts and glory of what “good balance” is, but I wonder how understood this truth really is. Here it is. Balance […]

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Wanna Try a Walking Contemplation?

Take This Short Walk With Me! I’ve come across plenty O’People who think that unless they can RUN it’s not worth putting the effort into moving their legs. As if walking isn’t worth it and that running is by far the most beneficial bang for your buck. That’s downright silly in my opinion. 😶 And I’ve come […]

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Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

Sometimes we just need something simple to help us get Unstuck with regards to our body. If your joints ever feel creaky or you feel tangled up or tight, consider some deceptively simple movement that might be incredibly efficient in getting you unglued. Movement Doesn’t Have To Be Complex 🤓 Yes, Simple Movement, not connected to […]

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How Inconveniencing Yourself Can Boost Your Health

There’s a thread of similarity in what hear not only from clients but from family, meet ups and friends. You’ve probably heard it before as well ~ we just sit TOO much. But many times it’s not by choice. We get held hostage in work meetings, even the commute to/fro work or we simply find […]

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The F Word: Is Your Workout Fictional or Functional?

Good, wholesome, healthy movement doesn’t really require evidence- based, scientific studies with mice to prove anything, does it? Good, wholesome, healthy movement is really what we’re capable of at our very base. We’ve just forgotten it because some really big things like sitting, snacking and conveniencing ourselves have gotten in the way. Scary. Yep, but […]

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125 Moves You Can Do Anywhere

I want to give you another reason to move. Ready? Because it feels better.  It’s really that simple. I’ll tell you that’s one of the biggest lines of feedback I hear from everyone. It feels better. It’s not about burning calories, torching fat, or because you have to. We are beings made to move and we’re not […]

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Get Fit Right In Your KITCHEN!

Today I’m keeping it a really easy read followed by some very specific movements you can do right in your very own kitchen. Why not? Do you ever find yourself waiting in your kitchen for: hard boiled eggs tea to boil onions to saute the dishwasher to finish your baked lasagna Sometimes when you wait […]

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