Exercise Alone Won’t Do It

That there is the book I just finished.

It was a fast, good read. Hit all the sweet spots of the space I float in every day ~ MOVEMENT.

I recently saw an older interview where Dr. Mercola interviewed Dr. Vernikos on the research she did at NASA and that 45 minute discussion could have been summed up by this:

Include small, low-intensity movements, not labeled as exercise, throughout the day as we go about our business – movements that are related to using gravity.

These simple movements, called G-habits, are the key to health!

Okay, so these G-habits, what the heck are they?

G-habits or gravity habits are movements you do that contrast sitting or being sedentary. In other words, resisting gravity will help us maintain a healthy body. And I say “resisting” gravity, but what I really mean is using gravity.

These gravity habits are movements that show up in your life. They’re not something that you’ll find at the gym. Nor should you think of doing them at the gym or when you workout. G-habits belong naturally included in your life.

Think: walking, gardening, dancing, StretchingMoves™, walking in the mall, swinging around in the kitchen, mowing the lawn, stretching at your desk, playing, being outside. The list can go on.

G-habits are the simple, everyday movements that will help prevent pain, illness and early death. G-habits are movements that heal.

Reflect on that in your life.

Where can you get more movement?

How can you move more today?

And the idea isn’t to try to get more movement in than you did yesterday. MoveMoreToday is about taking everyday and trying to move more. Inconvenience yourself. Move more, sit less.

When you consciously decide to include these G-habits in your day it means that you’re carving out a new structure for yourself. Maybe they turn into “rules” for yourself. These rules can help you steer clear of bad habits by not allowing you to fold or stay lazy.

I have a couple of rules I use all the time. I actually don’t call them rules. They’re part of the way I am. It’s only when I’m with someone else that I have to expose the nature of why I do what I do.

Here are some examples of mine:

• never park close

• try to “park once” – park in the center of a bunch of shops that are located close to each other. Rather than getting in/out of the car walk to the next shop. Drop the bag off in the car and move onto the next.

• try to not push the grocery cart to the car. I load all the bags I have in my hands, balancing my sides out and walk to the car. I like to challenge myself on my stamina to do it and not cut my circulation off at the elbow. 😒

• any opportunity I get I’m doing “weird” movements. Using no guidelines I make up moves that make sense to keeping a sense of flow in my body. Sometimes it’s in response to feeling junky; other times it’s because it feels good to move & explore.

Being healthy and taking care of your body should be your primary, personal responsibility.

When you add in G-habits to your everyday activities your positive healthy results will be multiplied.

So what are the things you can do daily for yourself?

What are the gentle movements you can do that challenge gravity’s direction and acceleration?

Exercising is great, but it won’t alone do it. It’s what you do in the rest of your waking time that matters greatly to your health.

Remember, simple wins.

You got this.

– Lisa


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