Get Fit Right In Your KITCHEN!

Today I’m keeping it a really easy read followed by some very specific movements you can do right in your very own kitchen.

Why not?

Do you ever find yourself waiting in your kitchen for:

Sometimes when you wait in the kitchen, you know what can happen.

You nibble, pick, or just want to find something to crunch on to pass time. Before you know it half the jar of peanuts, crackers or chips are sitting in your belly. “Unintended Calories” indeed.

Just say no to picking and start moving.

There are some very simple, simple things you can do right at your counter.

The more you add movement in to pass the time, the less you’ll want to distract yourself with things that will get you in trouble. And you’ll feel really good about it. It’s kind of like you’re sneaking in some body weight movement that otherwise you might not consider doing.

Here’s a video below I made for you.

I’ll break down the movements and then at the end I’ll show you a routine you can consider doing next time you’re waiting around in the kitchen.

It’s so, so easy…I think you’re gonna like it!


Kitchen Fitness from Lisa Byrne on Vimeo.


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