Help! Tech Neck Is a Big Pain

Does He Really Have a Neck?Cursed by Your iPhone?

How to tell:

You take more sick days cause you just don’t feel good.

Your capacity to work at anything has diminished.

You have to take frequent breaks because your shoulders, back and head are screaming at you.

Your iPhone has become part of your identity.

On the go, walking through airports, train stations, shopping malls.

In between commercial breaks of Grey’s Anatomy.

Sitting and waiting in offices, ballparks, grocery lines.

Mothers, teens, execs, nurses, coaches and personal trainers to name a few.

You’re addicted.

Continuous, over long periods of time, stuck in one position.

“Tech(nology) – Neck”, it’s a big pain.

And big pains bleed into your lifestyle. 

Don’t notice it right now? Just wait.

What to do?

Tip #1

Bring it to a better level. 

If you’re not going to stop the incessant teching, at least shift the level from which you operate.

When you constantly focus down, gravity listens. It pulls you. That pull creates an avalanche of unnecessary strain in both the front and back of you.

Tip #2

Do this simple exercise:

Put your iPhone down.

Stand tall.

Imagine you are standing in front of a bookshelf with 2 of the books needing to be pushed back in. Your job is to push them back onto the shelf with the back of your head. Yes, dead center back of your head. Sort of like pulling your chin into your throat.

This is the complete opposite of your familiar tech neck move. And remember, lift your chest, expand your ribcage, and open up those shoulders.

You’ll feel a little bit better balanced in comparison to your constant forward head posture.

Tip # 3

Watch this quick video below.

It will not only get you out of this toxic position but also will:

Here it is => Open Up & Restore!


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