How Inconveniencing Yourself Can Boost Your Health

There’s a thread of similarity in what hear not only from clients but from family, meet ups and friends. You’ve probably heard it before as well ~ we just sit TOO much. But many times it’s not by choice.

We get held hostage in work meetings, even the commute to/fro work or we simply find ourselves to be way less active because it’s Winter (that is by choice).

Some of those you can help, others you have to deal with.

So when you’re in a mode where you can do something about it seek out ways to Move More.
Here’s an idea that you might be able to incorporate. I call it Park Once.
Think of it as the expanded version beyond ‘park your car further away in a lot’.

Here’s an example how I just used this today.

I had errands I had to do in town. One was the bank, the other was the office supply store, cat food and then to get celery and carrots for my soup. All four of those ‘stops’ were located fairly near each other.

Hint: consider what you’re getting on each piece of the errand or ‘stop’ and plan accordingly. My biggest get was the large bag of cat food – so I didn’t need to carry that into the bank with me. 😆

I chose a spot to park that was sort of central to all but not really. First the bank, then Staples, then cat food – back to my car to drop off the bag – then off to the food store and back to my car. And believe me, it was cold out – 16°.

I have no idea how many ‘steps’ I took – I don’t care about that.

What I did care about is that I didn’t get back in my car after every stop and drive 75 feet to the next stop. Personally, I see that an opportunity to do three major things:

  1. Reduce my carbon footprint
  2. Move more
  3. Inconvenience myself

The first two might make sense to you, but let me clarify the third one, inconveniencing myself

We like things that are convenient – that are suited to our personal comfort or that can make things easier.

Drive through windows, coffee pods, remote car starters….you get the gist. But even bigger things like driving our car to get our mail, paying someone to mow our lawn, choosing the escalator, circling around to get a close parking spot, and even getting in and out of your car 6 times when you could have Parked Once (if applicable).

If you have the time and the opportunity consider inconveniencing yourself when you can.

And you don’t have to get all proud of yourself (that’s certainly good you do), but consider a clear and healthy circuit you can create between your body, brain and mind.

Choosing Inconvenience means you have to THINK about what you’re going to do, plan it, feel it, decide, even reconnoiter and then DO IT. So there are several steps between THINKING it and DOING it.

We’re so sold on nixing the in-between steps to save ourself time and get it done. Consider ‘saving yourself’ in another BIGGER way by fine tuning your human qualities and that you can FEEL good doing it! Saving yourself in this way can add life to your years and you can feel good doing it.

So remember next time you’re headed out on errands, what is a way or two you can inconvenience yourself now so that perhaps down the road you’ll be thankful for the good you’ve done! 😬


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