May is National Correct Posture Month

DogEars1Grab your spouse, kids, grandkids, heck, even your manicurist and tell them to get their darn shoulders out of their ears!

Does that mean that every other month we can slouch, slump, sag, stoop, sink, swerve, and be a sofa spud?

Of course not, but at least take a look at sharpening your posture skills for this month.

It might just make a world of a difference.


Poor posture not only gives you neck and back pain, it also contributes to:

If you allow, it helps you feel sullen and gloomy.

Your self confidence can plummet.

And because your confidence lacks, it shows. Others perceive you as shy or weak.

Remember, others notice how you hold onto yourself.

If you’re not feelin’ the love for a good life flow of health and vibrance it will bite you.

Sometimes the bite will sting bad and stay.

What to do?

Begin with this simple understanding.

Your posture shows up everywhere, right?

You can’t get away from it.

It stands out in front of everyone.

One of the most simple concepts to become aware of is

=> where your ears are in relationship to your shoulders.

Ears directly above shoulders. May not be so easy, we’ll tackle that later.

For now, sense it.  Practice shifting to see how it feels.

If you have trouble sensing it, go to your nearest mirror.  Let your eyes see it.

When you have the idea embedded, don’t use the mirror anymore. Sense it.

Getting the idea of where you body is in space is a huge first step. This awareness tunes in your body perception.

If you keep using mirrors people are going to start to wonder what you’re doing.

Let the mirrors be for for make-up.

Fine tune your sense of proprioception, one of your 6th senses.

It gathers input of where you and your parts are in space. With that information you can adjust.

The more you practice, the better you become.

Again, it all boils down to teaching your body to see it.

You can teach your body to see and sense good posture.

Begin with that simple first step => shoulders over ears.

Like right now reading this.

How far in front of your shoulders are your ears?

It’s okay for bit.

That 6th sense will soon begin to talk to you.

Better listen.

Next week, we’ll explore a key area you’d never associate with good posture.

Shakira has a song about it called “Hips Don’t Lie”.






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