125 Moves You Can Do Anywhere

I want to give you another reason to move.


Because it feels better. 

It’s really that simple.

I’ll tell you that’s one of the biggest lines of feedback I hear from everyone. It feels better. It’s not about burning calories, torching fat, or because you have to. We are beings made to move and we’re not moving. If you’re not moving, you’re busy getting stuck. (or, as a client said the other day, you’re busy dying). 

And when you feel better, really good things have a clearer space to enter because you’re addressing the overarching idea – movement, rather than these little pingy things that get you caught up in your shorts.

I want to share a video that I made on my back deck. It’s about 5 minutes long and it contains 125 moves. If you’ll notice the space I occupy is but maybe 5′ x 5′. In other words, you don’t need much space.

Don’t let “125 moves” scare you. They’re actually very quick and easy moves. The good thing is that you can do them anywhere. We’ll mix in movement from your feet/ankles, up to your knees, hips, & low back. We’ll rock the ribcage and expand the whole you!

This is actually a re-make of a video I did 3 years ago. It got a lot of hits on YouTube but the moves really needed to be updated to reflect some new patterns that I find work better. 

Now, ready to check out those moves?


125 Quick & Easy Moves You Can Do Anywhere from Lisa Byrne on Vimeo.


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