Inside the Studio

Healthy, Happy and Energetic.

That’s what Pilates for Sport can help you become.

Our specialty is helping you find a fitness track that works best with your everyday lifestyle, personal physical issues, and the future idea of yourself.

Movement is life.

It is your life. We use our base in Pilates to create a dynamic program tailored and suited to what works best for your body according to how you learn. You’ll discover quite a colorful palette when you experience the expandability of Pilates. Our fully-equipped, functionally designed Pilates studio is sure to meet your needs whether it is through a private session or classes.

Flexibility, strength, agility, stability, balance, coordination, and resiliency.  

The partnership we create together helps you thread those connections to move better, feel better, and be in the world in a much better place.

Our Five Step Program

Pilates is your base of movement. We teach you that first. Then you’ll layer the 4 essential connections for whole body integration.

1. Pilates Primer: Explore Balance, Breath & Flexibility
2. Core Strength/Stability: Energizing the Powerhouse
3. Back Strength: Engaging the Door Frame
4. Spinal Movement: Enabling Rotation & Oppositional Strength
5. Arms & Legs & Everything: Expanding Movement Patterns


Explore → Energize → Engage → Enable → Expand  = Experience a New You!


outside the studio

Without Walls.

Class and Session Rates

Private Sessions: $78
Private Sessions deck of 10: $720

Small Group Circuit: $32
Small Group Circuit deck of 10: $300

Mat Infusion Class: $28
Mat Infusion deck of 10: $260

Monday Tuesday Thursday
9 – 10 am Mat Fusion 9 – 10 am Small Group Circuit 8:30 – 9:30am Small Group Circuit

**all other times/days are private sessions, off-site camps, workshops **

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