Save Your A$$ With This One Move



Everywhere I go I see this.

I teach how not to do it in the studio.

I get mad at my Mother when she does it.

Two No-Nos to Picking Up Anything 101

A narrow foot stance clogs your core strength by choking your core stability.

A rounded back is disaster central when bearing loads. 🙄

Let me explain that quickly.

If you pick up things with your feet close together and a hunched, rounded back you’re gonna be in trouble.

If not now, eventually.

Having your feet close together limits your connection to the ground. You’re taking up too little space with that narrow stance. Open it up. You need a bigger, more solid connection to the ground to pick up things.

Rounding your back screams weakness. That’s because your mid back, the part you’re rounding, called the thoracic spine, is not designed to bear loads. Its main function is to hold the rib cage and protect the heart and lungs.

When you round your back you overstretch the muscles in that thoracic area.

Think of those muscles like an overstretched rubber band. Overstretched muscles are weak muscles because they’re not being used right. They’re being overused. They’ve worked too much overtime. There’s only so much you can play with it until … twang!

When you pick up anything you gotta remember 2 things:

=> Widen your base and stick your butt out.

A wider base isn’t only a stronger base but it’s a safer base. It’s much safer for your entire spine. Keep that spine safe & strong.

Widening your base or spreading your feet apart, optimizes your connection to the ground. You boost your stability with a wider base. You’re more stable so you can be much stronger and more limber.

Sticking your butt out makes you use the right muscles. It distributes the load and takes it away from your mid back. It puts it in your butt, leg & hip muscles. Those muscles are designed to do this!


Maybe you call it habit.

Maybe you say “oh, I forgot”.

Maybe you don’t know.

Maybe you don’t care.

Maybe you-know-you-can-get-away-with-it because you have.

You have to take care of your back, especially as you age. 

And you can practice this new learned habit in many things you do daily.

The more you practice this new action, the more you’ll engrain it in as habit.

And, you’ll never have to use the “I forgot” reason again.

Now you know.

So let me show you.

Here’s a video of what I’m talking about.

It’s 90 seconds. Watch it!  🎥

There really is a better way to feel & a more fitting way to move.


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