Wanna Try a Walking Contemplation?

Take This Short Walk With Me!

I’ve come across plenty O’People who think that unless they can RUN it’s not worth putting the effort into moving their legs. As if walking isn’t worth it and that running is by far the most beneficial bang for your buck.

That’s downright silly in my opinion. 😶

And I’ve come across plenty O’People who walk as a regular part of their daily movement. They wouldn’t miss it for the world. It gives them simple pleasure being outdoors in Nature.

Why Not Walk?

Besides what we read about what walking will DO for us – how about the simple intrinsic value of how it can help us feel?

Walking is a powerful stimulant to your whole body, your whole person, all of your systems. To disregard its efficacy is to blind yourself to a very natural, organic ability every one of us has.

You might be surprised how much of You gets mingled in Walking.

Rather than make this an article on how good walking is for you, what it does for you and what the (boring) government tells you is good, I made an audio recording for you below.

It’s a 7 minute Walking Contemplation.

I made it with the idea in mind that it could help you reflect on what’s actually happening inside your amazing body when you walk.

We start from the ground and work our way up the network.

You can listen to it without walking. 

Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking very slow. Go through it with me that way. Research has demonstrated the power of imagination without physically doing anything. Try it out.

And/or you can listen to it and walk with me.

If you click the link below (the BIG footprint) – it will take you to the page where the recording exists.

Right-Click the link and download it to your computer. iTunes can pick it up from there.

Or you can do what I’ve done before – because I am non-techy.

Right-Click the link and choose “Share” and send it as a text to yourself! You can put in some headphones or just listen as you walk.

But remember, the best way to explore is to walk s-l-o-w-l-y.

Either way, explore the Walking Contemplation.

It will give you insight into the wonders of you!

To a great week ahead! 😊


Walking Awareness



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