Want Better Balance? Do This.


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving – Albert Einstein






There’s a funny thing about balance I often wonder if people “get”.

It’s really the guts and glory of what “good balance” is, but I wonder how understood this truth really is.

Here it is.

Balance isn’t something you ever have.

The work, the attention, the practice of balancing is where your aim ought to be. You never get balanced and stay there. It’s not a static achievement. It’s a dynamic act of awareness and mindfulness of all your daily movement. Cooking, walking, going pee-pee, stepping up a curb, brushing your teeth, getting out of your car, reaching for the dog bowl, gardening. Even making your bed. All that. It’s all in the practice.

Balance challenges present themselves a gazillion times a day. Your auto pilot usually does a good job but sometimes you’re wondering how that rug rolled up to trip you like that.

Want Better Balance?

Improve the way you move.


That’s it.

But that doesn’t mean start exercising or exercise more or even move more. It has nothing to do with more. It has everything to do with your movement patterns.

Are they serving you?

Are you aware of what you do?

How do you do what you do?

Do you think you could do things better?

Could you feel better?

Do you want to feel better?

Of course you do!

You see, these questions aren’t about doing. They’re about being. Being invites you to ask. Be curious. Find out more. It’s being open enough to learn about yourself in a big way. When you’re being, you’re in discovery mode. Don’t be afraid. Be open. Be receptive.

Receptivity opens up your understanding.

That understanding is about yourself. Better balance begins here.

The order goes like this. Be open, receive, notice. How are you moving about your day? Observe things you take for granted, like how you get dressed in the morning. There’s scattered bits of balance in that.

When people don’t feel confident about their balance you know what happens? They limit their movement. They stop doing the things they love because their confidence gets shot. That’s a wrong, unnecessary direction.

Don’t go there.

Here’s something you can start doing right now to get better at balancing. It’s only two words, but they’re big.

Be Aware.

Watch yourself. Notice your perceptions. Observe your patterns. Your habits. Your reactions. How you respond.

That’s the first step.

There are three.

Practice awareness. Balance is the stuff in between the way that you move. Notice it. It’s in the nooks and crannies in between your movement. That’s a biggie. And it’s a choice.

Better balance.

If it really is like riding a bicycle, you better start pedaling. And keep pedaling. 😉


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