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Have yourself a look at the video below. It’s less than 2 minutes long, but it gives you a preview of the moves you’re able to do to help open, release, and restore your whole well-being.

What’s the Sidekick Stick® anyway?

Some people ask if it’s a walking stick. It is kind of, but it’s much shorter. And it’s bent. They’re the 2 main differences you’ll see. 

Another distinction is the way we use it. That’s probably the biggest one.

When we use it in our hands, the Stick helps you connect back to your core for strength. When we ground it, it connects us back to the Earth for stability. It’s really an accessory tool that provides you a feedback loop for all sorts of movement.

Use it for posture training, stretching, balance practice, sport warm-up, exploring exercise, a break from sitting. It’s fab for gardeners, walkers, potters, golfers, tennis players, equestrians, pregnant women, artists, caregivers, computer users, kids, teens, women, men, dentists, writers, chefs, lazy people, hair stylists, and hikers just to name a good few.

Essentially it’s your buddy, a sidekick.

But we don’t use it to support us when walking. It’s SO much better than that!

Sticks can be purchased through the PayPal link below.

They’re $29.99 each with a shipping fee of $10. They’re hand-crafted you know. The cool thing about them is each has their own ‘personality’. Once it’s in your hands it’s a blast just getting to know the feel, the look, and the pleasure of it.

What you’ll get with your Sidekick Stick® purchase are 3 BONUS downloadable videos. 

One that introduces you to the stick, where it was born and what you can expect of it. The second is a sampler WorkIN, as opposed to a ‘workout’. And then lastly, how to include your stick as part of your walking program. You’ll be a Walking Wizard in no time!

Take a quick look at this really short video. Get a sense of how much better you could feel to find a more fitting way to move.

Then visit the PayPal link to make your purchase.

Thanks for visiting, we appreciate you and look forward to serving your best interest!

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My e-mail is Lisa at or go here.

Ring me at 215.206.8980




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